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Guru Besar Pedepokan Metafisika
Wahyu Illahi
Alamt Jl. Perum Ketileng Indah Raya I B100 A
Telp : Hp 081326366877, (024) 70028566
Menerima Anak Buah (Pengajian, Jamaah) dalam Negeri (Indonesia)
dan luar negeri pendaftaran pada Jl.Perum Ketileng Indah Raya 1 B-100A

Menangani Pengobatan Alternatif

Untuk Penyakit medis non medis sudah terbukti dan nyata keberhasilannya untuk pasien dalam negeri dan luar negeri kalau berobat datang pada alamat tersebut

Pakar Susuk Asia Selebriti

Menerima pemasangan susuk untuk keberhasilan pemkaiannya untuk wilayah dalam negeri dan luar negeri

Sanggar Kontak Jodoh

Menerima anggota dari warga negara Indonesia dan luar negeri (Nasional dan Internasional) untuk semua status, duda, jaka, janda untuk semua pekerjaan.
BUMN, PNS, Pengusaha, Swasta, Umum dan lain-lain
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Sabtu, 21 Februari 2009

Paranormal Kondang Dari Indonesia


Kamis, 19 Februari 2009



Alternative treatment & Big Master of Metaphysic Wahyu Ilahi Reside

Ki Bagus Budi, SH

Once get Appreciation from National Governor & Vice President Asia Level


Appeased (success) Local Chief Election, land sale, house, car, dissolve trade competitive, sabuk lembu sekilan, set beauty implant, best seller, massage parlor, smoothing business.


Tumor, Cancer, Crazy, Diabetes, tendon acid, epilepsy, stroke, heart, high blood pressure, liver, kidney, kidney fail, Hernia, diabetes, kidney stone, drugs, phthisis, cyst, dengue (DBD) Aids, broken bone, breaking of birth mark, Cataract, Typhus, Cholera, etc.


Black magig, magical formula, Genie annoyance, hallucination, Stress, nervous, Depression etc.


Opening aura, throw bad luck, for position, grade, livelihood support, lover, carrier


Do not hesitant & desperate: Functionary, artist, entrepreneur, banking & general public, already hundreds people who helped already and really proved & certain result and ever broadcast on RCTI.


Perum Ketileng Jl. Ketileng Indah Raya IB.100A Semarang

Phone 024.70028566 Hp. 081326368877

Nothing impossible if God wish & no power beyond Allah power

King of Pin of Asia Celebrities

Already had Asia level title from vice president

(The executive paranormal in Asia award 2008)

Ki Bagus Budi,SH

Permitted and legal for ritual prayer without avoidance


King of pin gold crown mustika celebrities

For artists, singer, cinema electronic star, photo model, male and female model ets

Susuk mahkota kencana

In order to selling well (for trader, entrepreneur, position, soul assimilator

Pin of both Rama and Shinta Crown

Add the beauty, handsomeness, shiny aura, ageless, authority, personal reflect and harmonization

This pin makes both carrier and fortune increasing/fastest

Crown Pin of Putar Giling

Makes household harmonization, both wife and husband affairs, run away in a crack could be back soon

Crown pin of magical fence

Magical fence for house, business, office, store, building to prevent unhealthy competition, prevent black magic, witchcraft, robbing & stealing

Magical fence in order to wining PILKADA (prevent unhealthy competition)

Massive shaky on Suro Month

Opening Aura, thrown bad luck. For position, lover, fortune, carrier

Come soon and prove it

Do not hesitate and desperate: Functionary, artists, entrepreneur, banking & general public , already hundreds people who helped already and really proved & certain result and ever broadcast on RCTI.

Practice Address

Perum Ketileng Jl. Ketileng Indah Raya IB.100A Semarang

Telp.024-70028566 Hp.081326368877

Nothing impossible if God wish & no power beyond Allah power



Magic ember not defeated by medical science

- Found by Ki Bagus Budi, SH

Semarang – Ritual from Lawu Mountain about 7 days makes what was called ‘mowo ajaib’. Were the people who burnt till smoldering hot then put in to the freshwater. By admirably miracle it was very useful, could cure any diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure, tumor, cancer, HIV and other diseases. Whereas charcoal before burnt were give the prey and fast ritual about 2 – 4 days therefore the virtue was admirably than medical science.

A lot of functionaries, entrepreneur & public general proven to be helped from that magical fire/”mowo ajaib”. Mowo ajaib from ritual of lawu mountain. Therefore in that ritual get God guidance directly likes white shining light which can give direction in order to cure any diseases both easy strange disease by using the ember/heat.

Before get that guidance were annoyance by thousands genie. in order to get Nogorojo heirloom in gunung lawu ritual process, which beginning by aquamarine light. After read various prayer could materialized that heirloom. Whereas form and shape already showed in the picture.

Ki Bagus Budi, SH as society figure and famous paranormal since 20 year ago. Proved that a lot of his visitors come from functionary, entrepreneur, police officer and banking societies, artists and other societies also general public. Also patient who come from Elysabet, Tlogorejo, Pantiwilasa, Karyadi and other hospitals, from Singapore and Thailand that already secured there not secure yet after secured by Ki Bagus Budi and totally heal and the disease was gone.

Big master of this Padepokan Metafisika Wahyu illahi, in giving material in that reside also teach Tauhid and Islam learning based on Pancasila and Indonesia Regulation, beside that also kejawen learning from java ancestors. Practice address on: Jl.Perumahan Ketileng Indah Raya I BNo. 100A Semarang.

Lover Agency of Ki Bagus SH

Receive member from abroad people

Procurer Intricacies

There were ethic code when Kopdar

This people work in the “alternative”area. It was becoming procurer alias “tukang” give in marriage of people. Their role like the Cupid, romantic love god which shouting romantic love arrow to people’s heart in order to engaged each other.

In internet era, romantic love agent service trough lover agency still needed. Even recently some one get acquainted usual by opposite sex trough illusion world, finding lover by that conventional manner in fact still popular. Was Bagus Budi, this Lover Agency Owner built their business since 2003. he confess have hundreds members both male and female from any profession and background.

- Oldest member about 70 years old

- Find TTM, directly rejected

Wish opens Lover Contact Via Internet

Begin from entrepreneur, functionary till doctor. From his effort, a lot of couple procuring by male who birth in Semarang, October 30, 1969 and get married and already has a child.

“The reason they come to me was various. Once busy therefore have no time to knowing opposite sex, one felt socially awkward. But once of them who many time have the girl/boy friend but keep breaks,” he said at his home, Perum Ketileng Indah Raya I Block B 100 A, Semarang.

But usually his client was less confidence to find the couple. Therefore asking for agency help. But doesn’t mean that client who come to him always perform less attractive.

“Most of them who beautiful, handsome, and rich. The point was doesn’t mean that they are not behave. But because willing to find the compatible ones,” said man who also expert in alternative treatment also.

Bagus collect the client by take advertising routinely in print media. After contact him via phonesel, in order to become the member, any one should attached photo, Identity card copy and give opposite sex desired.

His client not from Semarang only. From Sumatera, even foreigner. Woman who live and work in Yunani confessed as one of his member.

Based on criteria grafted, then he tried to found opposite sex that approximately compatible. Trough him, both members who found a couple could communicate via telephone or meet directly.

But doesn’t meant from that meeting they directly compatible. “If on first meeting were not according to the desired, could called interlacing the friendship, he said.

Said, there were the unwritten ethic code when kopdar or kopi darat. One of them keep feeling of opposite sex each other. If compatible, they could continue the relationship to be girl/boy friend, even to the marriage level. If not, they should keep try until found the compatible couple.

Actually there were other “door” to find lover, it was by lover tour. Routinely good organize recreation program to tourist area for his members. Destination could be Kopeng or Parang Tritis Beach, Jogja.

But not the tourists place the importance. Behind that, that activity could make area to seem through the heart.

That way that tour program were made as good as possible in order to give easy of the members. People who probably have accordance criteria, I arrange in the adjacent sits. If not compatible, could be close the other, he said.

There were two kind membership offered. It was usual member about six months, and VIP membership which prevailed until the member get the couple desired. In order to get lover fast, some one should active following any program organized.

Founding the couple was rather difficult. Previously I examine this matter as interesting phenomena, “ he said. The unique, till now Bagus not married yet. He confesses to chose to not marriage first cause still executed ritual.

Bagus didn’t assume that his business was ancient. Even in the future man who have business selling and buying car also plan breed his conventional model with modern technology. “I have a wish opening lover contact via internet. Hence, foreigner could joint here, he said seriously.

The first and biggest in Middle Java-DIY


Lover agency proved effective makes a lot of single pair to dais on which the bridal couple sits. One of success people who success get the wife was Agung Nugroho, 25.

Through his decision, this Ketileng people, Semarang, succeed attract Noni Juwariyah, 23. Woman who previously meets and probe from lover agency of Ki Bagus Budi recently becomes his wife.

“I am belonging to luck people. Accidental get the compatible. Because previously decide marriage directly,” said that computer buy and selling entrepreneur. The way trough by Agung to get the wife complicated enough.

He confesses that he tried many times but always fails and breaks. The point was not compatible,” he said. He tried another way by participate became the agency lover member. Definition criteria when joint four years ago not complicated. I just want a wife candidate who already work and her age almost same.

Probably cause of those simple criteria him easy to get wife candidate. Agung even confess that he was falling away of durian because get beautiful wife. Whereas the physical problem not include of his criteria. “Yes like was I said, I was lucky,” he said.

Therefore by thinking fast, first meeting with Nomi who work in newspaper agency follow up by more intent meeting.

In short, they decide to gone out with.” We jaw and go for few months. After that continue to the dais on which the bridal couple sits,” Agung said, who right now waiting for his first son. What makes him finally compatible with Noni? In fact not high-sounding, “She not demand anything,” he said.”

People way to find the lover was various. Many years elaborating this business, Bagus Budi found any criteria which find by his members. Beginning from the easier to the most complicated. This complicated criteria that makes some people difficult to found counterpart. “Therefore once who first meet were directly compatible, and who should many times meet,” he said.

Some members by profession and certain social status were determine difficult criteria. Bagus give example Doctor and Civil Servant who has high class which determines opposite sex criteria which “on a level” with him. Once who seen the status, but once who did not care appearance.

If like that, members usually “saklek” determine the choice. “Once doctor who determine woman criteria with tall 155 cm. When given by 150 cm tall, he didn’t want,” he said. On the contrary, if not as age as the criteria, any beauty still rejected.

But, Bagus story, usually come to lover agency were people who has serious intent. “Can not if here only found the TTM (friend but intimate), must be will reject directly by opposite sex, he said.

In order to anticipate fad people, he always asked identity card copy of candidate member. “Participate here was pay. They also ready to appear and choose.

Till now member who already succeed get the lover based on their effort still interlaced relationship with him. Some times they come to Bagus’s house by bringing gift or food.

“If visiting here always talking about first memory when acquaintance. However it was the most beautiful memory.”

Rabu, 18 Februari 2009

Biro Jodoh Alternatif dan pasang susuk

Pengobatan Alternatif dengan KI BAGUS BUDI,SH sudah banyak terbukti baik di Indonesia maupun Internasional, selain membuka praktek pengobatan Ki Bagus Budi menerima untuk pemasangan susuk, bagi yang belum punya jodoh akan segera mendapatkan jodoh dengan bantuan Ki Bagus Budi,SH